How Leap & Hop Bali is coming along


The process is more of less the same for each book: I need guinea pigs. The first ones are always my children.  It’s only fair, I started writing the Leap & Hop series for them. For Bali, the family experience took place last June. Kids were happy temple-hoping for a week with a snorkelling trip as a break.


Check out their collection of ticket stubs.  They also found a few typos and things that didn’t work and made some great suggestions.


Emilie and I spent the rest of the summer adjusting the drawings here, adding pictures there, changing the colours and putting the final touch to the text.

October kicked in and another friend volunteered to take a look at the revised draft while on vacation in Bali. The conclusion was the following:

1. Mimi spent a lot of time playing, drawing and learning about Bali with the book.

Leap_Hop_Blog_Bali_Mimi 2. She decided she loved it.

Leap_Hop_Blog_Bali_Mimi_History 3. She also suggested we add something about the wildlife in Bali.

It’s now November, the book is being edited and Mimi’s request granted.



Can you guess which animal this is?  We won’t tell you, but what we can say is that you’ll find an animal scavenger hunt in the final book!

Stay tuned for the launch date…

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