Count-down to Paris!


Yes, I am going to Paris in 4 days!  I can’t wait to be back home but this time it won’t be (only) about diner with friends, catching the latest French movies or exhibitions.  No, next week I will be a tourist in my hometown and I can’t wait.  The draft book is nearly done, it’s just so hard for me to limit it to 100 pages (and maybe I won’t, let’s see).  The decision about what will be in and what has to go out will have to wait until I come back to Hong Kong.  In the meantime, I’m gathering a whole bunch of kids who will accompany me on my day trips next week to try out each activity.  It’s going to be fun to hang out with my friends’ kids and get the French perspective. What’s on the menu? Well, the must-sees will be included of course: Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame de Paris, Pompidou Centre, Montmartre and the other obvious ones, but we do have a few surprises. You will just have to wait until the book comes out in December.

The Author

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