About us


LEAP & HOP is a series of interactive books for kids who travel and want to learn about different cultures and play along the way.

ISABELLE DEMENGE is a native of Paris who moved to New York City to start a family. She has lived many lives: mother of three boys, banking & finance lawyer in a major international firm, world traveler, amateur photographer and writer. A graduate of the University of Chicago Law School and the University of Paris II, she is now based in Hong Kong where she enjoys family trips, photography, and travel writing. Facing the difficulties of traveling with small children in Cambodia, she decided to write for her kids the book that she was looking for. Having passed her kids’ crash-test, she is now developing Leap & Hop, a series of children’s travel books.

French illustrator EMILIE SARNEL has worked internationally, in Shanghai, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Professionally trained in graphic design, Emilie graduated from French art school ENSAD, “École Nationale  Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs”, in Paris. Among her many projects, Emilie is the art director and illustrator for the Leap & Hop travel book series.  See more about Emilie’s illustrations and her graphic works at : www.emiliesarnel.com

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