Month: October 2014

Angkor Wat – Using old technology to protect the temple


The ingenuity of the Khmer people doesn’t cease to amaze us a thousand years later.  Last year the World Monuments Fund (WMF) finished its renovation of the Churning of the Sea of Milk gallery in Angkor Wat.  The plan was to deal with some water damage with  some roof repair.  In the process, they discovered an old internal drainage system. The Khmer carved roofing stones in a way that let the water out.  The idea was so clever that the […]

2014 Pushkar Camel Fair is coming up

India / Rajasthan

If you are planning a trip to Rajasthan  between October 30 and November 6 make sure to stop in Pushkar to check out the camel fair.  Since last July, thanks to a law passed by the government of Rajasthan, the camel is the state animal of Rajasthan.  In Pushkar, the children will love the camel races and the very special Marwari horses (check out their ears).  Can you distinguish the different types of camel? See if by the […]

Mong Kok in the eyes of Camille

Hong Kong

Today we met with Camille’s mom.  Camille is  a French little girl of 5 who happens to be a big fan of Leap & Hop.  She recently moved to Hong Kong after traveling around the world with her family for half a year.  Camille is using Leap & Hop Hong Kong to explore her new city, a neighbourhood at a time, a game at a time.  Mom helps a bit with the reading part but Camille […]

Wildlife in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Some go to Sri Lanka for its amazing beaches and some are into temples and the capitals of ancient times but many families also pick Sri Lanka for its natural parks and rich wildlife.  Can you identify the wild animals that you won’t find in Sri Lanka?

Testing the Waters in Kyoto


There is no such thing as a family vacation without a kind of a Leap & Hop draft for Isabelle’s kids.  The mid-autumn break was no exception.  Off to Japan for the first time, the boys were equipped with a (very) rough draft, pencils, glue and great  expectations for the trip.  The focus of the book was Japanese culture (food, language, currency and religion) as well as a few sites in Kyoto.  The kids loved it and […]

I-Spy in Sri Lanka

kandy / polonnaruwa / sigiriya / Sri Lanka

Painted maidens on the walls in Sigiriya? Check! Elephant carvings in the ruins of Polonnaruwa? Check! Moonstones in Kandy? Check! After exercising their observation skills with Leap & Hop in the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, Tamir, Ayala and their family were prepared for the real challenge: birding and looking for wildlife in the natural parks of Sri Lanka.   Can you identify these beautiful birds?