Testing the Waters in Kyoto


Leap_Hop_Blog_KyotoThere is no such thing as a family vacation without a kind of a Leap & Hop draft for Isabelle’s kids.  The mid-autumn break was no exception.  Off to Japan for the first time, the boys were equipped with a (very) rough draft, pencils, glue and great  expectations for the trip.  The focus of the book was Japanese culture (food, language, currency and religion) as well as a few sites in Kyoto.  The kids loved it and had quite a few comments.

Even though we wish we could be more specific about the publication of a Leap & Hop book for Japan (or a city in Japan) we can’t.   We are too busy with Leap & Hop Bali and Leap & Hop Paris right now.  However, since we already wrote parts of the book, we thought we could share a couple of activities for your next visit to Kyoto.  Stay tuned for our next post with something special to do in Kyoto.

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