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It’s cold, it’s raining, it’s Paris in February, no surprise there.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still the most beautiful city in world.  Traveling with my 11-year old son in my hometown, I realised that if I was going to jump from the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower I needed to get some warming fuel on the way. To fight the cold and the intermittent rain, we spiced things up with pit-stops in search of that scrumptious hot chocolate.   Our tour of Paris became a quest: hoping from place to place to find the perfectly soothing  hot chocolate.  Here’s the low down:

1.  Angelina

Leap Hop Blog - Paris AngelinaOn top of our list of places was, of course, the world-famous hot chocolate of Angelina’s.  It deserves its place way up there.  The chocolate is rich and thick and the decor is what you would expect, if a little crowded with tourists (even in February).  What caught my son’s attention and palate was the white hot chocolate.  A number one for him.  You need to try it if you’re into white chocolate.  In addition to their traditional hot chocolate (that comes in many variation) they offer a lot more, but you need to discover for yourself. The location rue de Rivoli in the 1st arrondissement is perfect if you feel like walking between the Louvre and the Place the la Concorde.  If you feel lazy, you can simply walk to their location inside the Louvre, or inside the Chateau de Versailles if you are touring the sites.  If worse comes to worse, you can also sample the chocolate at the airport on your way out.

For more info:

2.  Café de Flore

Leap Hop Blog - Paris Cafe de FloreKnown for its hot chocolate, the Cafe de Flore is also famous for its renowned patrons over the years.  Jean Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir spent their entire days there: working, talking, eating with friends and reinventing the world.  Today you might catch a glimpse of a hollywood celebrity as you sip your warm drink and enjoy the first rays of sunshine of the spring season from the terrace Boulevard Saint Germain.  The chocolate is thick and creamy, almost syrupy.  High marks!

For the address: cafedeflore

3.Chez Paul Boulangerie

Leap Hop Blog Paris Chez PaulChez Paul Boulangerie, as its name indicate, is a bakery and restaurant chain with several addresses in Paris (and in over 30 countries), with a light hot chocolate.  If the chocolate from Angelina or Le Flore is too thick for your taste you will like the one served as Chez Paul.  You may also enjoy the delicious breads they make such as the “Fougasse aux olives” an olive bread close to the Italian focaccia (very popular in Provence).

For more details including menus and locations, check the website:

4. Un Dimanche à Paris

Leap Hop Blog Paris Dimanche a ParisWe gave this restaurant the highest ranking. Creamy but not heavy, the chocolate is perfectly balanced for our taste. Located in one of the charming covered passages scattered around Paris, Cour du Commerce Saint André in the 6th arrondissement, close to the Place de l’Odéon, the tea or chocolate room is the brainchild of  Paul Cluizel, the famous chocolatie: a place for chocolate lovers and connoisseurs. Un Dimanche à Paris is a chocolate store, a chocolate bar and lounge as well as a restaurant.  It’s also a place that hosts chocolate tastings, baking classes (revolving around chocolate, of course) and other chocolate-related event.  We loved the old fashion cholocatière pot with its wooden stirrer and handle.

For details about the restaurant and the classes check the website (in French):

5.  L’Heure Gourmande

Leap Hop Blog - Paris l'heure gourmande chocolaIn another charming little passage in the 6th arrondissement, the Passage Dauphine, l’Heure Gourmande offers a nice selection of pastries but also savoury dishes if you walk in around lunch time.  They also have a good brunch.  Sitting outside if the weather is nice, gives you a feeling of countryside, but in the dead of winter, it’s happening inside.  Their hot chocolate is good but watch out for the bitterness; it’s melted dark chocolate and milk, nothing else is added.

6. Loustic

Leap Hop Blog - Paris LousticOn the right bank and for another vibe, Loustic is a hoping coffee shop close to the Musée des Arts et Métiers in the 3rd arrondissement.  More of an expresso experience with an astonishing selection of coffees, they serve a really sweet and light hot chocolate.  You can please the whole family here.  It’s such a  cool atmosphere that patrons hang out with their laptop for hours.

For more details (and their brew guide), check out their website:

7. Ladurée

Leap Hop Paris LadureeIn a more traditional style, you won’t be surprised to hear that Ladurée offers a thick and creamy chocolate in addition to its world-famous macarons.  A perfect spot for an afternoon snack.  The tea room has been a classic place for afternoon tea for  more than 150 years and has expanded over time across the borders (all the way to Hong Kong).

For details about the tea room and all locations, check the website:

There are many more place to discover in Paris for hot chocolate and we would love to hear from you with your favorites.  Drop us a line and share your secret place 🙂


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