Month: November 2014

Count-down to Paris!


Yes, I am going to Paris in 4 days!  I can’t wait to be back home but this time it won’t be (only) about diner with friends, catching the latest French movies or exhibitions.  No, next week I will be a tourist in my hometown and I can’t wait.  The draft book is nearly done, it’s just so hard for me to limit it to 100 pages (and maybe I won’t, let’s see).  The decision about what […]

How Leap & Hop Bali is coming along


The process is more of less the same for each book: I need guinea pigs. The first ones are always my children.  It’s only fair, I started writing the Leap & Hop series for them. For Bali, the family experience took place last June. Kids were happy temple-hoping for a week with a snorkelling trip as a break. Check out their collection of ticket stubs.  They also found a few typos and things that didn’t work and made some […]