Angkor Wat – Using old technology to protect the temple



The ingenuity of the Khmer people doesn’t cease to amaze us a thousand years later.  Last year the World Monuments Fund (WMF) finished its renovation of the Churning of the Sea of Milk gallery in Angkor Wat.  The plan was to deal with some water damage with  some roof repair.  In the process, they discovered an old internal drainage system. The Khmer carved roofing stones in a way that let the water out.  The idea was so clever that the WMF restored the old system and decided to replicate that antique drainage system  to address the water problem affecting other galleries in Angkor Wat.

You can now admire the beautiful gallery fully restored.  If you are playing with Leap & Hop Cambodia you should be able to spot Vishnu, as a tortoise, the head of Vasuki, Hanuman, Vishnu with four arms and the three-headed elephant.  Enjoy!

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