Off to Myanmar


Leap_Hop_Blog_Myanmar_Inle_Lake It’s time to pack and go with the family on our winter break adventure.  The Christmas break of 2010 is when the whole thing started: I had to write a book for the kids for our trip to Cambodia.  With my sister’s family, we had 5 kids aged 8 and under and we (the adult minority) were determined to spend quality time in the temples, not around the pool.  The books were designed to give the kids something fun to do in the temples with us grown-ups.  They had to look for details on the bas-reliefs for the ultimate I-Spy game in Angkor Wat, go on a treasure hunt in Bayon, sample and rate typical Cambodian food, learn about currency exchange and time zones.  It was such a success with the kids who became experts at distinguishing devatas from apsaras in the Khmer temples, that a family tradition was born.  Since then, every Christmas is an opportunity for a new book (with a few others in between).  The kids grow up but are very attached to our ‘christmas+trip with cousins in Asia+book routine’.  This year, we are going to Myanmar and my five guinea pigs are ready to fulfil their annual mission.  And as a bonus, this year, Emile (my now 12-year old)  is also going to help with the photography. I can’t wait to see what he is going to capture on film!

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